Why does the new website look so messed up?


The chances are that if you are reading this you have already seen our new beta website and been left singularly disappointed.

If you are viewing it using Internet Explorer on a University machine it currently looks pretty shocking. But there are good reasons for this.

Internet Explorer 9 showing the new beta website in IE7 mode

If this is what you see when you visit the new Beta website do not panic!

Although computers within the University of Strathclyde are running Internet Explorer 9, they have been set to behave like Internet Explorer 7 and that is what is making the website look terrible.

Internet Explorer 9 showing the new beta website

This is what the beta website should look like on Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 7 was released in 2006 and replaced by 2009. In internet terms that makes it horribly out of date and incapable of supporting the latest innovations in the web.

For us to support Internet Explorer 7 would mean not providing quality support for more modern devices especially the new mobile devices being released.

All the big names such as Google, Yahoo and Facebook no longer support Internet Explorer 7 and even Microsoft have long since stopped supporting it.

Fixing the problem

IT HelpDesk are currently looking at a fix for the problem on Standard Strathclyde Desktop (big thanks to them for their help with this), but in the meantime this might be something you can fix yourself (depending on the permissions you have on your machine.)

To view the new site in all its glory follow these steps…

Step One: When Internet Explorer 9 is open and active, press F12. Alternatively click the cog in the top right and select developers tools.

How to select developer tools.

Step Two: If you have permissions the following window should now be displayed. Make sure that both Browser mode and Document Mode are set to IE9.

Setting the browser and document mode

If pressing F12 doesn’t open the box above it means you do not have the necessary permissions to make this change. In that case we can only suggest that you download a more modern browser.

Of course, that said, we would love to have you visit and we can show you the new site personally. Just get in touch and we will happily give you the guided tour.

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