Work in progress


If you would like to see our work in progress, we have made it available on our beta site. Before visiting the beta site, please watch the video below.

Visit the beta site (Available from 11th November)

Video Transcription

Welcome to the Web Transformation Project Beta site. Thanks for coming to take a look around. We’re just at the beginning of delivering new pages and designs so there isn’t much to see yet. BUT, once we have got the foundational building blocks in place you should see rapid progress.

We are sharing this with you now because we want to include the whole Strathclyde community in the process of developing the new site. After all, its our Strathclyde!

This section shows how we want to approach research and we’d love to hear your views.

Just to warn you though, because the site is at a very early stage you will find broken links, incorrect content and the design is frequently changing. As the site evolves that will setting down, but please view these pages as very much a work in progress.

That said, even at this early stage we wanted you to see what we are doing and have a chance to comment. In particular we would like your feedback on incorrect content, problems with the user experience and any failures to communicate strathclyde’s key values.

To provide feedback make a note of the page you wish to comment on and then click the feedback link at the bottom of each page.

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